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Welcome to the site of our workshop.

Our workshop began its work in 1996 – we painted nesting dolls in Ukrainian style. But after some criticism from customers about the origin of this souvenir, we thought about originally Ukrainian souvenir – doll. In 2000, in a dense to produce dolls. But we, like all creative people, are always in search – time changes and we change. With the advent of high-precision equipment and computer technology we have the opportunity in 2004 to do computer embroidery.

Thanks to the ability to develop programs for embroidery from simple drawings, embroidery has reached a fundamentally new level. Computer embroidery has expanded the possibilities of implementing ideas with using such an ancient and beautiful technique. Now it is quite real embroidery of almost any images, logos, logos, chevrons, portraits, paintings in a large number of copies on completely different fabrics and clothes.

From our competitors we are distinguished by high quality and subtle Artistic taste, complexity of designs and a special philosophy approach to work. Our principle is to get down to work only with positive thoughts and emotions, because we sincerely believe that every item made by a person carries a certain energy.

We apply the technique of tissue application. It consists in creation of ornaments or drawings, by fixing pieces of cloth on tissue background. Pieces can be glued or sewn and each Patchwork – cut manually. Application can be objective, decorative and subject, single-color or multi-color. We apply it as a decorative element on our products. For application we use natural and synthetic fabrics of different texture – smooth, fleecy, shiny, matte, as well as fur, felt, felt. Background for Applique is preferred for natural linen pastel colors.

Here is a part of the assortment of products from the magnificent material of flax. In each article we have invested a lot of work, skill, warmth of our soul and a piece of our heart. We combined into a single the whole – fine manual work, the latest technology and many years of experience. Our products will bring comfort to your home and a good mood to you and Your relatives.

Our products are constantly being improved and getting more and more recognition of our customers. Confidence in the quality of manufactured products, caring about our customers and of course the desire to allocate Their products from similar products of another manufacturer gave us possibility to officially register our products in Ukraine under the trademark “VAREZHKA”.

Dear customers, save your time and money – buy products under the trade mark “VAREZHKA” is a guarantee of a high quality and functionality of our products, this is an identification mark, by which you will recognize us among thousands of unscrupulous competitors.

We maintain our reputation by claiming that goods and services with Our trademark corresponds to a certain standard of quality, and all our customers can always count on this quality.