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A flax little doll with a skirt plahti

180,00 грн.

Doll is linen.

The height of the doll is 12-14 cm.

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The doll is dressed in traditional Ukrainian handmade costumes.

Lick, pens, legs. body stuffed with cotton batting.

The height of the doll is 12-14 cm.

Our dolls are pleasing to everyone, to buy a flax doll in Kiev.

The color of the fabric and the braid in the items of clothing may differ from the images in the photo.

Dolls in Ukrainian national costumes

We are trying to revive the art of creating folk dolls.

The fabric we use in making our products is very strong, so the doll will serve you for a long time, leaking through the energy of events and the emotional field of family members.

As a meditative subject, it provides confidence, balance, a sense of security. Doll gently raises positive emotions with its presence.

Thanks to the use of natural materials, the doll creates a sense of inner spiritual warmth. Observance of proportions that do not distort the inner perception of the world.

This doll is made of natural materials. The doll should be “Healthy”, and therefore qualitatively woven – without ruptures and marriage.

For whom and for what we need our flax dolls

The folk toy carries a deeper meaning than may seem at first glance. This is a vault, a talisman, and a magic doll. You can make it with your own hands or buy from us. Lily dolls can be transmitted on a woman’s line from grandmother to grandchildren, and give them on the wedding day. Such a doll can not wear a game character, but will be a shield of a woman, home and your hearth.

In most cases, the doll is the image of a woman, a goddess, and therefore a direct connection with her, of course, is a woman. From time immemorial, a woman gave the doll a man when he went out to the road or to the war. It was believed that the doll protects her husband and reminds of the house, the hearth. It is unlikely, of course, your husband will take a big doll on a business trip, but a little between the trinkets – maybe. When a family quarrels, the doll “sweeps away the garbage from the hut”. This is not trash, but rubbish, through which the quarrels in the house.

A newborn baby can put a doll in a cradle and she will protect the infant from the “evil eye”. But it may just be the usual play doll with which children will play.

How to take care of a doll

Our dolls are sewn very qualitatively, with strong threads and no problems with the ruptures. But if this happens – do not worry, it’s easy to repair with your own hands or call us and we will be very pleased to help you.

When contaminated, the doll can be washed with a sponge, brush and soap solution.

After washing, the doll is dried with a towel and dried at a temperature not exceeding 30C.

Doll in history

In the last century, no fair did not do without a folk toy, without colorful clay and wooden women, bears, deers, horsemen, birds. Beautiful and bright – right from the tray, they fell into the hands of children who immediately began to play, including new characters in their children’s fairy tale world.

Even then, few people remembered that the toy in its original form – a ritual and ritual sculpture, an instrument of magic. It is associated with the worship of a female deity, a cult of fertility, ancestors, a home hearth.

There were aesthetic, religious and magical beginnings in it. It has always been taken into account by the ancient folk artist. Gradually, the magic role of the toy was forgotten, and the doll became a simple children’s toy, which performs only the game function.

Even in the poorest peasant families, a traditional toy, from ancient times, was a rag doll. Sometimes in some houses they accumulated dozens of pieces. Dolls were played not only by girls but also by boys up to 7 years old. While the children were small, they were wrapped in dolls by their mother, grandmother, older sisters. From five, such a toy could already be done by any girl. At first, the girls tried to make the simplest representation of the female figure. It was a rolled piece of fabric for the body, carefully covered with linen cloth, a breast of equal, tight filled balls, a hair braid with a woven tape in it and an outfit of bright bits. When the girls became older, they sewed the dolls more complex. The faces were embroidered or pencil pointed, and in earlier dolls – a charcoal. If the “newlyweds” were busy, they necessarily tied the braid with a ribbon, and if the woman was wearing a “handkerchief”. The abilities of the child were evaluated by adults. The doll was considered as a standard of needlework, often accompanied by a spinning wheel, teenage girls took a doll with dolls. They were judged by the skill and taste of their owners.

In puppet games, children were involuntarily learned to sew, embroider, strap, and comprehend the traditional art of dressing.

The toys were never left in the street, they were not scattered around the house, but kept in baskets, boxes. They were taken to the harvest and for holidays. the dolls were allowed to take a guest, put them in a dowry. Then these dolls passed to the children.

In the village doll preferred women’s image, even in children’s games, if the doll-groom or peasant needed, took just a pinch. On the territory of Ukraine, the toys always have a certain meaning. She was endowed with a magical power of fertility. That is why the doll in our time remains a wedding attribute.


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