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Apron on the bottle – A large diamond in the range

70,00 грн.

Fartushok on a bottle of natural material – flax, with the original embroidery, serves to decorate the festive table.

The edge of the apron is treated with a bright colored satin bake.

The size is 9×16 cm.

The composition is 100% linen.

Why do you need decoration on a bottle?

We are waiting for holidays so … And so I want to decorate my life and the festive table. We are glad to assist you. Our workshop produces not only basic necessities, aprons, bags, towels, bedding sets, etc. but also original bottle decorations that are suitable for a large number of varieties of tableware, champagne, wine and vodka.

To turn a banal gift into an exclusive and funny one – you can present it in such a “clothes” to even the most spoiled culprit for the celebration. In such a wrap, alcohol looks very refined and noble, and most importantly – unusual.

Surprise your loved ones and friends – and the holiday will be more intense and interesting. And after the feast, this apron will decorate your kitchen and remind you of the past holiday. And remember that … do not doubt …

Proper care of the aprons

  1. A warming wash. Exactly withstand the temperature of water, do not subject to strong mechanical treatment, while pressing – a slow centrifuge mode.
  2. Washing in warm water (temperature up to 30 С)
  3. Smooth at high temperature (up to 200 C)
  4. Do not bleach. When washing do not use funds containing bleach (chlorine)
  5. Do not dry in the washing machine.


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