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Backpack of linen – black and white ornament

980,00 грн.

Classic bag of strict geometric shape. On the front of the product image as an applique or embroidery.
Dimensions: ~ 35×30 cm

Length of the handle ~ 68 – 73 cm.

Composition – 100% flax.

Withstands weight up to 10 kg.

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A bag of strict geometric shape with a durable, durable cotton fabric – Dvunitka, with a long handle.

Dvunitka – natural fiber (100% cotton).

Possesses antistatic properties. Advantage of such fabrics is high air permeability, ecological compatibility, pleasantness to the touch, antistaticity.

Dvunitka – durable cotton fabric.


Going in the morning to work, shop for shopping or travel a long way, you can not do without a reliable bridge bag. Manufacturers annually rejoice us with novelties, fashionable and multifunctional, however, the main requirements for bags – convenience and capacity – remain out of fashion and time.

Classic bags of strict geometric shape are considered universal. The bag can be worn over the handle, over the shoulder. The perfect bag is beauty, originality and practicality. Classic bags that are equally suitable for work and for a party party.

A women’s bag is an accessory that makes a woman a woman. The bag is very important for a woman and a girl. Fashion on bags is changing very rapidly, as well as on other items of clothing. The bag is always a “facade” of women’s wardrobe. It is on the bag that the image of a person is formed. A bag for a woman is about the same as a car brand for a man. The bag must have its own “face”, its style, a decent appearance. Successfully selected bags emphasize the elegance and extravagance of women, they create convenience, and most importantly – without a bag can not do.

Our bags are always popular. The natural flax plus the original drawing is a classic of the genre. As you know, on a woman’s bag, more precisely, than its appearance, you can learn a lot about its owner. The character of a woman can even be determined by how she carries the bag. Mistress of a neat bag without special complaints – a woman is restrained and organized, she can highlight the main thing, she knows exactly what she wants. If a woman made and decorated a bag with embroidery and handcrafted items – this is a creative nature that loves all the unusual, beautiful, such women are usually good mistresses.

Therefore, dear customers, buy our products and this will give you confidence in your image.

There are not a lot of bags. 🙂

Product Care

Rinse well. Exactly withstand the temperature of water, do not subjected to strong mechanical treatment, with squeezing – slow mode centrifuge.

Wash in warm water (Temperature up to 30 C).

Plain at high temperature (up to 200 C).

You can not bleach. Do not use detergents containing bleach (chlorine) when washing.

Do not dry in the washing machine.

A bit of history


Women’s bag – the thing is inexhaustible. It is therefore very interesting to see how they came to light, how they were refined and what is waiting for them in the future.

If we consider the history of the appearance of such a significant accessory as a women’s bag, then a prototype of all women’s bags, a purse is a bag that attaches to the waist (men), and women were wearing laces. The bags were intended to carry money and, having made a purchase, the owner simply threw the bag or gave it with the money.

With the development of secular life, the bags began to pay more attention, they began to put in addition to money, mirror, snuff boxes, but still they were hiding in the lush skirts of the dresses of that time.

Later, pockets appeared – first on vests, then on men’s trousers. But the women remained loyal bags-handbag, however, changing their shape, ornament. A small hand bag in the form of a bag for small items, in contrast to the pocket, has become an integral part of the women’s wardrobe.

Beginning in the 17th century, they were decorated with embroidery, beads, glass beads, knitted, knitted, and called – reedykul. In the XVIII century there are women’s bags of velvet and lace, in which were stored handkerchiefs, cosmetics and other trifles.


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