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Bath hat – Wreath

290,00 грн.

A hat for a bath – an original and necessary accessory of your bath “costume”.

Material – flax.

Lining the bean. Inside – non-woven B / P material.

Bath hats, like other things for a sauna and sauna, we make from flax.

Linen is the oldest textile material and is perfect for bath hats. Bright application and beautiful embroidery gives these products an original finished look.

Lining the bean. Inside – non-woven B / P material.
Non-woven – these are textile fabrics made of fibers or yarns bonded together without the use of weaving methods. Primary raw material – secondary fiber raw materials.

Thanks to the high quality of our bath hats will serve you faithfully and for a long time, to please you, your friends and relatives.


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