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Bath seat – Girl with scythe

270,00 грн.

The seat for a sauna and the sauna from the outside and with the reverse side is made of natural material – flax. Inside – non-woven B / P material.

Size 39x57cm.

In the lower corner is a bright application.

Enjoy this essential bath accessories – and life will be more fun and comfortable, even if it is very hot. It is necessary to keep in steaming not only the head … 🙂

Bath seat made of natural flax (front and back), inside (thermo-isolating layer) – non-woven B / P material.

On the front side in the corner of the article is an original applique and embroidery.

The size of the seat is 39x57cm.

100% flax has a massaging and anti-allergenic effect.

With our products, you will get pleasure and comfort!

Enjoy your bath!


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