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Doll cone in a corolla

550,00 грн.

The doll-cone is a decorative doll in a traditional Ukrainian costume.

The trunk base and hands are high quality ceramics. The lychee is painted with acrylic paints, which are not afraid of moisture. Fully assembled by hand.

The size of the doll with a wreath 28-30 cm.

The package comes with a transparent oval package – a tube.

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Ceramic dolls are a cone

The doll-cone is a Ukrainian original gift that will decorate any interior. We use such fabrics as flax, satin, beard, suede, velor, etc., as well as a bright ribbon, colorful twill, woolen yarns.

Vest made of velvet fabric. The lychee is painted with high-quality acrylic paints by our talented masters.

The doll’s hairstyle is made of woolen yarn, in the form of a braid that hangs down or wraps the head of a doll, which in turn is decorated with colored ribbons, a crown of artificial flowers of various sizes, which makes our dolls not like each other and unique.

The size of the doll with a wreath 28-30 cm.

The package includes transparent plastic packaging – an oval shaped tub, giving the product solemnity and festivity. Serves as gift wrap. The lid closes tightly.

Packing in tubes makes the feeling displayed on the showcase of the product, while ensuring the preservation of delicate products, giving it an attractive and unusual look.


Dolls-cone, application

Doll is a good traditional gift for children and adults, for people who value handmade work and quality, which is relatively small. Also, these dolls can decorate any collection of handmade dolls.

Ceramic dolls are a cone

Why a doll-cone? Everything is simple, we called it through the forms of “skeleton” dolls, cone-shaped ceramic form.


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