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Motanka with the logo of Kyiv

140,00 грн.

Motanka is the oldest folk toy guard. Each region has its own peculiarity and color.

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The doll that we represent is made of materialmaterials, the technique of ropeted dolls is used and is made entirely by hand. We did not dare to engage in reels for a very long time, since we make very profound sense in such products and we understand that this is very responsible. But after the last events that we faced with our country, we have taken the liberty to weave amulets. Our masters have invested so much love and so much warmth of their hands in each doll that it will surely protect you from troubles and help you in a difficult moment. Wear it in a purse, hang it in a car or over a baby crib, donate a handbag to your loved ones and friends.

Let her keep the UKRAINS and everyone who loves UKRAINE. GLORY TO UKRAINE !!!

Height: 16cm

Material of the doll: Jute rope

Hair: Woolen threads

Dresses, boots: Linen

Decoration: Tass with Ukrainian ornament, satin ribbon


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