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Packing bag – Ornament is cool

140,00 грн.

The bag of natural material – flax, with the original embroidery on the front of the product and tightened with a lace on top.

Size: 26×17 cm

Composition – 100% flax

The bag is made of natural linen. The bag closes and opens in one motion, has practical and simple ties. It can be used at home (it will take a minimum of space in your kitchen), and in the country. When the bag is tightened – there are pens or loops that can be hung on any place convenient for you – on a tree branch, on a hook or a door handle. Bread sacks have a rectangular shape and are suitable not only for festive packaging of gifts, but also for storage of loose products.

Forget about crumbs, molds and cumbersome breadbasket! All the crumbs remain in the bag, and it’s easy to shake it out. No artificial materials will replace the beauty and warmth of natural flax. The structure of this fabric is enchanting and caressing the look.

The linen has antibacterial properties, so bread and other products in this breadbasket are much better preserved than any other.

Application of packing bags.

A lint bag made of natural material can be used to pack gifts and store various food products: crackers, dried mushrooms, dried fruit and berries, loose products. it will be appreciated by everyone who makes preparations for the winter. It is believed that linen bags are the best containers for sugar, flour, groats. flax allows the products to “breathe”, which prevents the formation of mold, respectively, the products are stored better and longer.

On New Year’s holidays, you can pack bright bright sparkling candies there. Very comfortable and beautiful. Especially since our Ukrainian candies are as cool as our practical bags. The bag is an ideal and original gift for housewives.

With regard to packaging, it is extremely important not only to present and present a gift, but also to pack it correctly. Our bag will add and enhance the effect of the presented present on an unforgettable event. packaging is an integral part of any product, the more a gift. From a functional point of view, the package serves to protect against damage during transportation or storage of any object. From an aesthetic point of view, packaging is the face of a product, a gift.

Festive packaging gives the gift a special charm and mood. Presenting a gift without a gift box is very similar to the process of giving a bribe. A gift is a pleasant emotion only when it is beautiful, high-quality and custom-designed. Give each other gifts!

Owners of restaurants order their halls besides beautifully decorated tablecloths and napkins with embroidery, often with the symbol of the restaurant, and also different accessories, original bags for alcoholic beverages. Such stylish accessories will add a special chic interior to the restaurant’s halls and will be remembered for a long time by its visitors.

For wedding celebrations are ordered today’s popular wedding bags for champagne, which are decorated with embroidered wedding pattern.

Proper flaxseed care.

The bag is easy to care, if necessary, it can be washed in a washing machine or simply rinsed and dried.

WARNING! If you store food in a bowl – Do not wash the bag with fragrant detergents and never use rinses – otherwise your stores will absorb this odor.


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