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Set of napkins Ornament 3 cubes

490,00 грн.

Linen set of 6 napkins.

A set of 6 linen napkins with original embroidery or applique. Packed in branded TM Mitten. On the front side of the package is our trademark, the country of manufacture and the name of the fabric from which our products are made (100% flax). On the back of the box, a sticker with a list of goods and short information about the fabric and the country of the manufacturer.

The size of napkins is 30x40cm.

Composition – 100% flax.

Application and purpose.

Soon a holiday is planned for you or your loved ones? In you can buy stylish products made of natural cloth. These are linen napkins of various sizes, which are made by us qualitatively and with great love. Our linen napkins will decorate the most delicious table. Our napkins are prestigious, beautiful, original and most important they are very practical. Layer napkins are pleasant to the touch, cute author’s pictures are embroidered on each product, even more saturated table.

How to care for napkins

Since our products are made of natural linen, we all know what may cause improper washing. It is a loss of shape, size and overall appearance of the product. For this, we insist on following the instructions:

Wash manually or in a washing machine, with a delicate wash, in cold water, without spin.

You can not bleach. Do not use detergents containing bleach (chlorine) when washing.

Dried at a temperature not exceeding 30 ° C.

You need to smoothen it with a very hot iron with a steam, pressing the iron on a napkin.


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