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Tablecloth round 1,5 m Cornflowers 12 bouquets

1800,00 грн.

Round tablecloth with applique

Size – 1.5 x 1.5 m

Material – 100% flax

We offer to your attention quality tablecloths made of natural material – flax, of different sizes (1х1м, 1,5х1,5м, 1,5х2м) and shapes (square, round, oval and rectangular) with original embroidery or applique.

Our tablecloths will serve as a good gift with a deep sense.

Our workshop produces several types of tablecloths that are divided:

in the form:





by size:




embroidery design or application.

number of bouquets on the product (9, 12, 16, 20)

edge trim: fit or lace.

Each bunch is as if from fresh flowers: cornflower, poppies, chamomile, sunflower or grass branches, they not only adorn the product, but also have a profound special meaning.

Mac – the symbol of maiden beauty, wealth.

Cornflowers are a symbol of insight, a symbol of beauty, health, strength, a symbol of the struggle of the Ukrainian people for independence. The combination of Cornflower and Poppy is a symbol of loyalty and loyalty.

Sunflower – an amazing flower, a symbol of vitality, strength, determination and gratitude. Symbol of summer, sun and light. The golden sunflower color is a symbol of a happy joyful life.

Chamomile – gives people health, kindness, tenderness. This flower is a symbol of youth, kindness and tenderness.

Kalina – beauty and innocence, generic protection.

All tablecloths are packed in transparent packaging or at the client’s request, possibly in a cardboard stylized box under flax with a proud inscription “Made in Ukraine” and our trademark. The transparent lid on the lid gives an opportunity to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of the content. On the reverse side of the box is a stuck sticker with a mark of the size of the product and a brief information about the fabric and the country of the manufacturer. Box size 32×28.

Methods of application

Every day is a holiday. But you want to turn a real holiday into a special day. This can be done very simply by decorating a festive table – a luxurious tablecloth.

We recommend you original products that will add to your feast solemnity and aristocracy, unlimited comfort.

This is an excellent exclusive gift to each home.

Caring for a tablecloth.

Thoroughbred washing. Exactly withstand the temperature of water, do not subjected to strong mechanical treatment, with squeezing – slow mode centrifuge.

Wash in warm water (Temperature up to 30 C).

Fry at high temperature (up to 200 C).

You can not bleach. Do not use detergents containing bleach (chlorine) when washing.

Do not dry in the washing machine.


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