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The scarf of the church is Red Bush

80,00 грн.

Kiss with embroidery.

Size – 100x72cm.

Composition – 100% cotton.

Embroidery in the corner.

The kerchief of the church is made of snow-white cloth and covered with a narrow, delicate lace around the perimeter.

In the corner is a bright embroidery in Ukrainian color.


Methods of application

Classic skulls of a strict geometric shape are considered universal. They cover the head while serving in the church and can also be used as a head protection from sunlight in hot summer weather.

The kerchiefs are absolutely functional and have an aesthetic look, and most importantly – a natural fabric, gives a comfortable feeling when wearing.

Caring for a scarf

Maintains all kinds of washing.

Any required water temperature.

Fry at high temperature (up to 180 C) without touching the lace with high temperature iron.

You can not bleach, so as not to lose the color of embroidery. Do not use detergents containing bleach (chlorine) when washing.

You can dry in a washing machine.


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