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Toy miniature – a kitten with a corolla

110,00 грн.

Size – 12-14cm. Fabric – 100% flax. The material for filling toys – Holofayber.

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Linen toy – a miniature of 100% flax. Face the toys embroidered with colored threads. Inside – Holofayber. It is lightweight, soft and durable material, is environmentally friendly, does not cause allergy, perfectly holds the shape. Size – 12-14cm. Each has a loop. These toys hang in cars and cots, they will greatly adorn your Christmas tree. They can be presented to their colleagues and friends and even the youngest kids. Everyone will be delighted. These cute animals will smile and lift your mood. Washing can be done directly in the automatic washing machine at a temperature of not more than 30 *. It is not advisable to dry the battery.


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