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Woven wicker “Traditional”

190,00 грн.

Ukrainian women’s headgear – a wreath weave.

Our corolla ones are large, medium and small. They differ in diameter, shape and size of flowers, a rich color range of colors, their number in composition and the width of the tape. All this affects pricing. On the back of each wreath there is a resinochka, which makes it easier to choose the size of the item.

Wreath is a pride of the Ukrainian people. This is one of the most important attributes of a women’s Ukrainian national costume, along with plaque and red boots. Wreath – a symbol of integrity, youth and purity, it is also an integral part of the wedding ceremony.

Multi-colored ribbons and string beads complement the suit, give it festivity.


Caring for a wreath

You can wash with a little soap in cold water and rinse thoroughly, but very neatly.

Fix the ribbon not only with a hot iron.

The history of the headgear in the Ukrainian costume

Worldwide popular Ukrainian wreaths from artificial and alive flowers with ribbons as a maiden headgear. There is every reason to believe that the Ukrainian wreath with ribbons, which has long been an integral part of the Ukrainian national costume, is the wish of a “clear peaceful sky” over the head of whoever wears it. This is a kind of guard against all bad and bad.

The wreath for a Ukrainian girl is a symbol of maiden honor, virginity, he protects her from “evil eye”, from “unclean power”.

In the summer, the wreath was sprinkled with fresh flowers: cornflower, poppies, chamomile, blackberry. The wreath is also a symbol of eternal love, a symbol of the infinity of your kind.

Marriage symbolism of the wreath is reflected in the love of magic and girl divination in the search for a judge, in the future the wreath is present at the wedding.

The Ukrainian national costume is not just clothes, it is a symbol of a nation, it is an art and a national heritage. This is the memory of our ancestors, which is reborn on the arms of handicrafts. This is a skill that has survived centuries.

National clothing is represented by the cathedral of Ukraine; he is the same symbol of nation as language, faith, and customs. Let’s recall at least embroidered sleeves of a woman’s shirt, an embroidery ornament, lace, special decorative fabrics, patches.

The girls started wearing a coriander from three years old. The first wreath for three-year-old girls was mummy. Soak him dew and bathed him in dew for seven days. In this corolla weighed blackberry, forget-me-nots and chamomile, dwarfs. Each of the flowers was treated by a child: blackberry – from headache, dark hair and forget-nothing – vision was developed, daisy – heart reassured.

The value of the color scheme on the wreath

Multi-colored ribbons and string beads complement the suit, give it festivity.

Brown ribbon – symbolizes the land of the nurse.

Yellow tape is a symbol of the sun.

Light green – symbolizes beauty and youth.

Blue and blue are a symbol of water, the sky, giving strength and health.

Purple – a symbol of human wisdom.

Malinova is a symbol of wealth.

White is the color of purity and innocence, the memory of the ancestors.

Pink tape – well-being.

Orange ribbon – bread.

The girls who wove the poppies at the same time tied a red ribbon to him – a symbol of sorrow and magic. People believed in the power of the tapes. Ribbons protect the hair from strange eyes; measured them along the length of the spit and cut off a little below the spit to close it.

The value of flowers in the Ukrainian wreath

Poppy and cornflower – a symbol of the struggle of the Ukrainian people for independence

Poppy is the symbol of maiden beauty.

Poppy is the flower of grief, grief and sorrow. spilled blood with poppy blossom in Ukrainian wreath.

Voloshka is a symbol of enlightenment, a symbol of beauty, health, strength.

Fist – inextricably linked with each other. Symbol of loyalty and loyalty.

Sunflower – an amazing flower, a symbol of vitality, strength, determination and gratitude. Symbol of summer and sun, happy joyful life.

Chamomile – gives people health, kindness, tenderness, symbol of youth, kindness and tenderness. In the first wreath the mother has always knitted the girl chamomile – to honor honor, the mind is clear, the thoughts are pure.

Kalina – beauty and innocence. Generic protection.

Barvinok is a symbol of life, Ukrainian culture, eternity and love.

Flowers of cherries and apple trees are maternal love.


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